Premakeerthi de Alwis – Official Court Document


The summary translation of the court documents.

Judgement or Verdict

The High Court of Colombo

Case Number 5377/93

The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka against Saman Priyankara Gamage


The accusation against the accused is, the murder of a popular radio announcer, lyricist and an artist named Premakeethi de Alwis.  The accused was a member of the political party named,  Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna. During the time of the said political parties’ activities of terror, he (Premakeerthi de Alwis) was accused of performing his work duties against the orders given to him by the party and was taken out of his house and murdered.


The court has determined that the confession the accused has made was voluntary and other evidences have corroborated with the confession and provides further proof that the confession was made of own free will. Therefore, this Court rejects the claim of the accused which states that he had no part in the murder, and this Court decides that the accusations have been proven beyond reasonable doubt and finds the accused guilty as charged.

Signed Illegibly

D. Jayawickrama

High Court Justice

Court No. 2

Read the full text of the High Court’s Decision – Premakeerthi de Alwis in Sinhala

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Premakeerth de Alwis – Official Court Documents

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