The President will present Budget 2015 in Parliament today.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa will present Budget 2015 in Parliament today in his capacity as the Finance and Planning Minister. This is the 10th straight budget presented by him after assuming duties as President in 2005. It is widely expected that the budget would introduce economic policies to further alleviate poverty, increase economic growth and accelerate the existing development programmes.
It will also provide more relief and benefits to each and every individual of the country. The budget also targets long term economic goals upto 2020. Accordingly to the budget this year’s government expenditure will be over 1,812 billion rupees. The President is scheduled to present Budget 2015 in Parliament at 1.30 pm today. The Second Reading of the budget will commence on tomorrow and will continue until the 30th of this month. The vote on the Second Reading will be taken on October 30 evening. The Committee Stage Debate on the budget proposals will commence on October 31 and would last for 15 days. The vote on the Committee Stage Debate will be taken up on the evening of November 18.

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