Trade Union leaders expressed confidence that the budget will provide relief to all segments of the country.

Trade Unions United Forum says it is ridiculous that the UNP which had sacked over 100,000 public servants at the General Strike in 1980, has now promised to increase the salary from 10,000 rupees a month if they come to power. The working class has no faith on the pledges given by the UNP. At a press briefing held in Colombo today the Forum said the only leader the workers can have confidence is none other than President Mahinda Rajapakse.
Chairman of the Public Service Trade Unions Association W.H. Piyadasa said the coming budget will definitely grant many benefits to the people including the public servants. Mahinda Chinthana Policy has been drawn to provide benefits of development to the each person in the country. General Secretary of the SLFP trade union Lesley Devendra said unprecedented benefits will be given to the public by this budget. Deputy Secretary of the SLFP Trade Union Sarath Hettiarachchi said a significant salary increase will be given to the public servants. Secretary of the MEP trade union Somaweera Chandrasiri said some opposition elements are now conducting protest campaigns demanding salary increase as they very well know that the government is to increase the salaries.

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