Steps being taken to enlighten the embassies and high commissions against the removal of the LTTE ban by the European Union.

The alliance for national unity and inter religious corporation has said that they are prepared to clarify to all embassies and High commissions about the removal of LTTE ban by the European Union. A streamlined programme in this connection is now being prepared. The organization said that they will enlighten the patriotic people on this matter and subsequently countrywide enlightenment programmes will be carried out.
Addressing a media conference held in Colombo yesterday the chancellor of the Sabaragamuwa University venerable Kumburugamuwe Wajira thero said that the patriotic people have already rejected this prejudiced court ruling. He said that by removal of this ban the European Union is indirectly assisting the revival of terrorism in this country. The venerable thero also stated that in order to face this challenge all those who love the motherland should join hands with the president and the government devoid of communal, party, religious and other differences.
The chairman of the Damma Rashmi Foundation Venerable Galagama Damma Ranshi thero said that he is challenging the opposition leader Ranil Wickremasinghe to make an appeal to the European Union to re-impose the ban on the LTTE. Father Sarath Hettiarachchi said that a massive programme will be carried out against the European Union action by mustering all local and foreign clerics and the members of the Maha Sanga. Kurukkal Babu Sarma said that the Tamil National Alliance has not done anything beneficial for the Tamil people. Alhaj Hasan Moulana said that under these circumstances the abolition of the executive presidency is not conducive. He said that decisions about a government should only be taken by the people of the country.
Meanwhile, the government has decided to submit an appeal to the European Supreme Court to requesting to annul the decision taken by the European Union court to remove the ban on LTTE. It is only by a low court of the European Union that has given a verdict on the 16th of this month to remove the ban on LTTE.

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