Many concessions for the people are to be given in the Budget.

The secretary general of the United People Freedom Alliance Minister Susil Prema Jayanth said that many concessions relating to the cost of living will be given in the forthcoming budget. He said that similar to the concessions given by reducing the fuel prices, gas prices and slashing of electricity charges for the concessions will also be given in the budget. Addressing in a media conference in Colombo yesterday the minister said that the budget will give a fitting response to the allegations being made by the opposition in respect of cost of living.

Speaking further the minister said that the United Peoples Freedom Alliance led by the Sri Lanka Freedom Party is prepared to face any election and already background work in this connection has been made. He said that these activities are being carried out since last two months by strengthening party organizations on districts and national levels. He said that the country has a President who is prepared to face any form of challenges and similarly the United Peoples Freedom Alliance is also ready to face any challenge. The Minister said that the budget that will be presented to the parliament next Friday is a one targeting wide development activities. He said that the president provides concessions to the people not because of slogans and demonstrations but because is love for the nation and the people.
Responding to a question by a media personnel the minister said that the government’s attention has been focused on the removal of the LTTE ban by the European Union. The government, he said, as expressed its strong opposition in this connection to the European Union. Steps have also been taken in this connection on diplomatic levels. He said the government is compelled to take necessary steps for national security. The minister pointed out that it was the Black July of the UNP era that created the Tamil Diaspora. He said that is the then UNP government which was in power at that time took appropriate steps there would have been no room for the emergence of a Tamil Diaspora. He said that as in the past the United National Party is supporting separatism and it has become crystal clear in the recent activities of the United National Party.

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