The Tamil United Liberation Front commends the development projects initiated by the President for the well being of the people in the north.

Secretary general of the Tamil United Liberation Front V. Ananda Sangari has extended his gratitude to President Mahinda Rajapakse on the commencement of a train service to Jaffna. The President during his three day official tour in North has vested in the general public many important development projects. The secretary general adds that therefore, that the wholehearted respect of the people in the north should be bestowed upon the President.
As a result, the economic strength of the people is growing day by day.
Mr. Ananda Sangari also points out that all must live in unity in order to make the freedom more meaningful. The people in the north has now received not only railway services but also electricity, telephones and airports. The TULF secretary also said that the excellent educational results of the students in the north have reflected the progress of the northern development projects.

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