The electricity adjustment fee has been abolished.More facilities for electricity consumers including one day power connections.

The Ceylon Electricity Board is preparing to implement many programmes to get more closer to the consumers. Additional general manager of the Board M.G. Thilakaratne says that new connections will be given within a day. A mobile group of the power CEB will arrive at the location to connect the supply if the charges were paid and the relevant documents were presented.
The programme is currently being implemented in Colombo city, Rathlamana and Dehiwela. A new methodology will also be introduced in the payment of electricity Bills. Accordingly, the customer will be able to pay the bill to the counter from the vehicle itself. The People’s Bank has provided SMS facilities for the consumers in this connection. The additional general manager participating in a discussion of the national radio further said that distribution of electricity will be carried out based on four regions. The Lanka electricity private company will cover the 5th region. It is no longer necessary to come to the offices of the Ceylon Electricity Board to receive new connection.
This could be done through a telephone message. The electricity Bills of all electricity consumers were reduced by 25 percent recently. Mr. Thillekeratne further said that this concession is applicable for all electricity bills issued with effect from the 11th of this month. The fuel adjustment fee has been fully withdrawn. Additional general manager Bandula Thilakasena said that a code of ethics has been introduced on employees of the CEB. Establishment of calling centres of the Board is now taking place throughout the country. Any inquiry could be made from the telephone number 1987 of the national centre.

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