Former principal of Sri Lanka’s Trinity College donated Rs. 202 million college’s funds to LTTE – police


Colombo: Sri Lanka police have uncovered vital information about individuals who were involved in giving 202 million rupees from the Trinity College funds to the LTTE.

Police Media Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana has said investigations will continue on the available information to arrest the suspects.

According to a report by the local private radio an old Trinitian Nishantha Priyalal Alwis has filed a complaint regarding the donation and an audit report on the college funds to the police.

The Kandy Additional Magistrate Srinith Wijesekara has ordered CID to properly investigate the complaint and the audit report.

The complainant has said that a sum of money had been donated to the LTTE during the tenure of a former Trinity College principal Rod Gilbert.

He has further said that Gilbert was deported after his connection with the LTTE was proven before the court.

Alwis in his complaint has said that a teacher and 11 students attached to Kandy Trinity College were arrested on suspicion of their connection with the LTTE.

Police and CID are continuing further investigations.

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