Sri Lanka donates one million medical gloves to Ebola-stricken countries

MR09182014G_1Colombo: Sri Lanka donated one million medical examination gloves to West African countries affected by the Ebola outbreak as Sri Lanka’s contribution toward the global effort in combating the Ebola outbreak in Africa.

Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa symbolically handed over the consignment of gloves to the Country Representative of World Health Organization (WHO) Dr. Firdosi Rustom Mehta at Temple Trees this evening.

The consignment of gloves worth Rs. 5 million was donated in response to the global appeal ‘Road Map for Ebola’ launched by WHO in fighting the deadly disease.
The Hayleys Group of Companies facilitated this contribution.

The gloves will be distributed among medical workers in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dr. Rustom said this donation is appreciated by WHO as a major contribution to the fight against Ebola.

The current Ebola outbreak was first reported in March 2014 in Guinea, after which it has spread rapidly in several West African countries, including Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Congo has become the latest African country to confirm the outbreak.

According to WHO, as of Sept. 13, 2

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