Police Complaint Filed against Premekeerthi’s Son, Poorna Sampath De Alwis and YouTuber Sudaththa

It has been reported that Hudson Samarasinghe has logged a complaint with the Cinnamon Gardens Police regarding the accusations made by Poorna Sampath De Alwis on a YouTube video. The complaint has been made against Poorna Sampath and the presenter named Sudaththa Thilaksiri. The inquiring officer has repeatedly requested Poorna and Sudaththa to provide the name of the person whom they are … [Read more...]

Nirmala de Alwis Sued by Hudson Samarasinghe

The attorneys for Hudson Samarasinghe, filed a law suit seeking 500 million rupees for defamation, libel and slander against Nirmala de Alwis, wife of late Premakeerthi de Alwis in the District Court of Colombo. While pointing out many discrepancies in her stories, the case also alleges that Nirmala de Alwis has concocted a false story nearly quarter century post the death of Premakeerthi de … [Read more...]