The National freedom Front accuses certain powerful countries for trying to divide Sri Lanka and to appoint a leader of their choice.

The National Freedom Front says that it continues to extend support to the President for an extensive change in the political, economic, social and administrative structures. Media spokesman of the front Mohammed Mushamil says that his party will extend maximum support for the victory of President Mahinda Rajapakse at a future presidential election.
He made these remarks participating in a discussion programme of the national radio. The President and the government have always placed their confidence on the people. As a result, the United People’s freedom Alliance has been able to win every election in the past. In every recent poll, the UPFA has received one million more votes
Than the opposition. Powerful foreign countries are always trying to divide the country. The aim of these forces is to appoint a leader of their choice. However the present President has defeated every such attempt of the foreign forces. Mr. Mushamil has warned that people should remain more vigilant in this connection.
One could not believe that the terrorist threats against the country have been totally eliminated.
The influences on the political level persist, despite the fact that the war has ended.
spokesman added that the opposition as well as the opposition leader are appearing on behalf of the objectives of these forces. The tamil diaspora has realized that the President should be defeated in order to full fill the objectives of the elem separatists. He added that the only opposition in the world which is against the holding of democratic elections is present in Sri Lanka. Mr. Mushamil also said that the opposition knowing full well that it is unable to win an election are striving to capture power through conspiracies.

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