People’s Choice Stands at the end

Many people have different dreams about the country. But it all depends on the person who rules the country. But people are the judges who determine the final verdict and decide the ruler of this country in the end.A people’s leader will always mingle with people.This is the common feature of a people’s leader. This country has seen many leaders in the past. If you look at J R Jayawardena, he was said to be the most intelligent person but unfortunately , JR was not a people’s man. R Premadasa was a people’s man , but he lacked foreign policies and struggled to tackle foreign forces. Chandrika Bandaranayake is an educated lady, but she also bowed down to foreign pressure. President Rajapaksa (MR) adopted a different foreign policy which paid dividends. MR started to attract the south American countries and south African countries. That really made a big difference at the U N assembly.

President Rajapaksa has a strong attitude , that he meets people. He does not show any difference between north and south. This is his born talent and attitude.

President’s visit to north made a big positive impact to the masses

MR requested the northern tamils to separate the politics from development

It has become a practice to the country’ leader to visit north more frequently than south. President Mahinda Rajapaksa commenced his 3 day visit to north by visiting Kilinochchi on the 12th of October 2014. This day was an eventful day to the people of Kilinochchi. President mentioned in his speech that he was very happy to see the vast changes which have taken place since April 2009 up to October 2014. Many development activities have taken place at the right time. It has happened in a more rapid phase.

Distribution of compensation relief packages to the people affected by war

This was one of the most importan event which took place in Kilinochchi. GoSL has already provided more reliefs in terms of resettlement, upgrading the living standards, improvement on Health, Education, infrastructure, employment, agriculture, fishing and business investment. But in addition to these developments President Rajapaksa has come forward to grant financial compensation relief on humanitarian grounds. This is a mile stone by all means.Because the war prolonged for more than 3 decades.It happened under different governments and rulers.But none of them took extra interest to compensate the war affected people.It is only President took this initiative. In fact, president took over all the burdens of the previous rulers and compensated the affected people. This was not done by previous other regimes.115 million rupees were spent to distribute relief assistance to 1218 people.

Land registered deeds distribution

This was another giant step towards reconciliation. People from not only from north but also from south face many hardships due to non-availability of ownership deeds although they occupy the land for a long time. President took this issue seriously and solved in systematic manner. This is one important stage where around 20000 people from different districts of the province received their land ownership documents. Apparently this is the first time a large number of land deeds were distributed to the people. In that context, the tamil people of the north should be fortunate to get this opportunity. Now these people will be very happy to live in their own land without any hesitation.

Motor Cycles to Government Officers

Like the other parts of Sri Lanka , President treats the people of northern people equally , sometimes he treats better than southern people.Accordingly, President distributed the motor cycles to the government officers. Especially the female officers received scooters from the president.

Mahinthothaya Technical Laboratories provide better technology knowledge to the students

According to Mahintha Chinthanaya, this is a special project to upgrade the rural schools to the standard of urban schools. President declared opened 2 mahinthothaya laboratories at Kilinochchi Hindu College and Wattakachchi Maha Vidyalaya. Each Laboratory is constructed at a cost of 20 million rupees. Each lab consist of 64 computers. Out of which 40 computers are meant for technology training. Another 24 computers are used for language training.

Opening of newly constructed kilinochchi district secretariat building complex

This was another gift to Kilinochchi people. Kilinochchi district has a population of one hundred thousand 35 thousand. A large building secretariat building complex is given to a fairly less populated district. This is another major contribution of the central government.President Rajapaksa declared opened this building also.

Minister of Traditional industries and small enterprise development Douglas Devananda , Minister Rishard Baduideen, Minister of public administration and home affairs W D J Seniviratne, parliamentarians Murugesu Chandrakumar , Sylvester Alentine , Governor of Northern Province G A Chandrasiri and many other high ranking officers also present at these events.

MR- image 1YAL DEVI image 1

President’s Jaffna visit commenced on YAL DEVI journey

Most popular Yal Devi train arrives in Jaffna after 24 years

  • Long awaited journey dream has come true

Most expected the iconic north-bound Yal Devi train reached Jaffna on 13th  morning after it stopped running between north and south 24 years ago. Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa flagged off the train at the auspicious time of 9:30 a.m. from Palai station and rode the train to Jaffna as a special passenger. President crossed the small stations such as Eluthu mattuwal, mirusuvil,sangaththanai and at kodigamam president declared opened the newly constructed station. Then he passed chavakatcheri,thachchan thoppu and at navatkuli he opened the newly constructed station.Thereafter, he passed Pungan Kulam and reached Jaffna at the end. President reached Jaffna at an auspicious time of 11.10AM.

The President declared open the newly constructed train stations in between Palai and Jaffna at Chavakachcheri, Nawakkuli and Kodikamam and the Jaffna Railway Station at the end of the journey.

It should be noted that President Rajapaksa came from killinochchi in YAL DEVI. This train unlike the previous trains , takes only 6 hours to reach Colombo. It has all the comfort including air condition. This is the express train sri lanka ever saw in northern line. This will give the north and south people more comfort, safety, more space, less cost and convenient travelling facility.

MR declared opened the renovated Weerasingham hall

President also opened the renovated the weerasingham hall. This hall is the iconic standard hall in Jaffna. This auditorium stages multi socio, cultural, political programs. This is another blessing to the local residents.

President also distributed motor cycles to samurdi officers and other government officers. The special function in this regard was held at Thuraiyappa Stadium.

Large number of motor cycles was distributed at this occasion. This will make the government officers to serve the public in a more effective way.

President also presided the District Development Progress review meeting. He gave instant solutions to many problems raised at this occasion.

Thereafter,  President also opened the newly constructed Mahinthodaya Technical Laboratory at Jaffna Hindu College and at Nelliyadi Tamil Vidyalayam. These laboratories were constructed at a cost of 20 million rupees and consist 64 computers each. This will definitely help the students of the north improve their technical knowledge in Computing.

Ministers Douglas Devananda, Johnston Fernando, Governor G A  Chandrasiri , Parliamentarian Murugesu Chandrakumar and other high ranking officers also participated in these events.

Education sector in Northern Province

The Northern Province education sector has improved rapidly with allocations made by the government since 2009, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said.President also said northern province has topped in all public exams. The province has the credit of sending most number of students to universities through G C E advanced level exams.

Speaking at the Special District Development Committee meeting in Jaffna, the President said as a result of measures taken to streamline and upgrade the standard of education in the Northern Province, the province has seen vast progress in the education sector.

“The government provided educational material to children who were armed with weapons in the past. With these steps, the education standard in the Northern Province has reached commendable heights compared with other provinces. The government invested Rs. 7,331 million to develop educational activities from 2009 to 2013 after eradicating terrorism,” the President said.

He said utilising these allocations, Education Ministry officials have constructed 96 Mahindodaya Technical laboratories, new school buildings, libraries and other infrastructure and academic facilities.MR is well satisfied with the rapid development in the education sector  within a short period.

MR declared open the Delft divisional secretariat building. He also opened a Mahinthodaya Technology laboratory at Delf island. Later MR opened Velanai Pradesiya Saba building. He also declared open the Velanai branch of Ceylon electricity board – consumers center.

Later he opened another set of Mahinthodaya Laboratories at St Anthony’s College – Kayts , Vaddukottai Dr Thiyagarajah school.

These are classic examples to show how a country leader should work. President is the leader of the country whether it is north or south. Therefore , he has served the northern people without showing any differences irrespective of whether they vote for you or not.

Ministers Douglas Devananda, Johnston Fernando, Governor G A  Chandrasiri , Parliamentarian Murugesu Chandrakumar and other high ranking officers also participated in these events.

A man will reach his heights through his born qualities.

People also look for a leader who could help them when they need help.

Sri Lankans have got a man in the name of Mahinda Rajapaksa who is also a country man , understands the pulse of each srilankan. This is the biggest blessing for Sri Lanka.


J.Yogaraj – Senior Journalist – Announcer ( S L B C ) 

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