Landslide threats in 6 districts.

The inter monsoon weather condition has commenced. The met department informed that the rainy weather condition will prevail for the next few days. Thunder showers or showers could be experienced throughout the country in the evenings or in the nights. The department informed that rain exceeding 100 millimeters could be received in the Sabaragamuwa, Central, Southern and Uva provinces. Heavy winds could also accompany thunder showers. The department requests the people to be vigilant about lightening effects.

The main characteristic of this climatic condition is rainfall with thunder and lightening in the evenings. This weather pattern would prevail until November. During the day time, the strong rays of sunlight warm up the air closer to the surface of the earth. This air later on goes upward and form clouds. Due to the lack of strong winds, these clouds are unable to move at a greater distance. The rainfall is restricted to particular areas. Rarely, a tornado type situation may also arise. The Department of Meteorology requests the general public to focus special attention on threats of minor cyclones especially from October to December.

Meanwhile the Disaster Management Center informed that landslide threats prevail for 6 districts and they are Kandy, Kegalle, Nuwara Eliya, Matale, Rathnapura and Kurunegala. In many areas of these districts are experiencing heavy rain.

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