Twenty years ago, Narendra Modi posed in front of the White House as a tourist.

He also visited US five years later, in June 1999, to put diplomatic pressure on US against supporting Pakistan in Kargil.
Modi had a big role in amending a House resolution criticising Pakistan to include cutting off World Bank, IMF and Asian Development Bank loans to Islamabad for its Kargil intrusion. Yes, it was a hush hush mission which has come to light only off late.
He now returns as a PM of the world’s largest democracy to take this relation forward.
Now two minutes of silence for:
■ Those 65 MPs who signed a petition against him,
■ Khalistanis and Jihadis in US, floating blatant lies against him
■ Sold out journos who gave their everything to destroy his image
■ The communists who are doing seminar upon seminar for spreading their anti-Indian venom
That’s all the time they deserve right now.

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