No involvement with UNP” – Tiran Alles

Responding to the media reports circulating that Tiran Alles will join with United National Party (UNP), Tiran Alles explained to Lankapuvath the National News Agency that there is no involvement between United National Party (UNP) and him whatsoever.

Speaking further, Mr. Alles stated that he didn’t take such decision to join even with the leader of the Democratic Party Sarath Fonseka.

Following is the news item which was reported by a news website that Tiran Alles will join UNP.
Tiran Alles to join UNP?

On the invitation of the UNP leadership and deputy leadership, owner of ‘Mawbima’ media house – Tiran Alles has decided to join the UNP, ‘Sri Lanka Mirror’ learns from reliable sources.

At the present, Alles functions as a national list MP of the Democratic National Alliance.

Alles, who is a close friend of Sajith Premadasa since school days, was a major force behind appointing the latter as the deputy leader of the UNP, as a solution to the leadership crisis within the party.

Alles and UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake’s recent actions to address this crisis was severely criticised by certain media.

However, taking to consideration the effort Alles has put to create unity within the party, the UNP leader has decided to appoint him as the party organiser of the Borella electorate, sources further say.

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