The President will address the 69th session of the UN General Assembly today in New York.

President Mahinda Rajapakse will address the 69th session of the UN General Assembly today in New York. The president addressed the General Assembly for the 7th time this year. He addressed the General Assembly for the first time in 2006.

In addition the President will take part in the ‘Clinton Global Approach 2014 Annual Summit’. Sri Lanka will extend its support to the global action network in preventing killing elephants and ivory trade.

The president says the world should focus serious attention on health of the global environment today. The danger forced by climate change is current emergency. This challenge is universal and must be addressed collectively and multi dimensionally. Addressing the Climate Summit 2014 in New York yesterday the president said the UN framework convention on climate change is the primary inter governmental forum for addressing the global response. The principals of equity and common but differentiate responsibilities and respective capabilities must guide the world in search for solutions. The clean development mechanisms to reduce green house gas emission are imperative. Developed countries must implement their commitment to the developing countries by providing financial and technical support. All parties to the convention must expedite domestic preparations. The President further said that Sri Lanka ratified UN climate change convention in 1993 and acceded to Kyoto protocol in 2002. According to disciples of Buddha the earth and its vegetation do not belong to rulers. They are only temporary trustees who have to protect the environment for the benefit of future generation. President Mahinda Rajapakse added that the present government has given priority to address climate change and other related problems under the Mahinda Chinthana policy.

Increasing forest cover, expanding the non conventional renewable energy, rehabilitating and restoring coastal environment implementing green transport system and using eco-friendly fuel are among them. Although Sri Lanka was able to triple its per capita income within the last 8 years its per capita carbon emission is still less than one metric ton.

During his visit in New York the president will take part in several international functions and expects to hold bilateral talks with a number of state leaders including the Indian Prime Minister.

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