The president stresses that the government provides relief to people without targeting election victories.

President Mahinda Rajapakse says he will never serve the people only targeting the election victories. As he came to power with the consent of the majority he is committed to serve the people at his level best. Aspirations of the people who voted for the president have been fulfilled. The president made these remarks at the final victorious rally of the UPFA prior to the Uva elections for Badulla district held in Mahiyanganaya yesterday. The president further said he will carry forward the Mahinda Chinthana policy manifesto at his level best. The government’s next target is to provide pipe borne water to each and every household in the country. the president also addressed the Moneragala district final rally in Wellawaya he said he is fully confident that the heroic people in Uva have already decided to vote for the UPFA. Prior to the public rallies the president declared open the newly renovated Badulla Andaa Ulpatha road. It costs 5.1 billion rupees. 17 kilo meter Bibile – Mahiyanganaya road projects also vested with the public.

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