Many agricultural programmes to provide jobs for youth in the Uva province are being implemented.

Provincial Director of Agriculture R.M. Nandasiri says that many agricultural programmes for the provision of self employment for youth in the Uva province have commenced. He further says that financial allocations, training and technical facilities are being provided by the department of agriculture on the basis of 50 percent contribution. 50 million rupees have been set a side in the initial stage of the programme.

Vegetable cultivations targeting exports in green houses and production of potato seeds utilizing low cost planting material are being conducted. In addition export oriented mango and flower growing are also being carried out. One of the other programmes is to issue to the market Mung, Kauopea, Peanuts and Kurakkan in packets. The department bears 50 percent of the expenses. It has also been reported that the participation of the youth in the programmes being conducted in the two districts of Badulla and Moneragala are at the highest level. The necessary machinery for the packaging of agricultural produce are also been provided. Programmes to train farmers free of charge have commenced at the Bindunuwewa farm in Badulla and also at farms in Moneragala and Bibile. Mr. Nandasiri adds that with the implementation of these programmes, a revival in agriculture has dawned in the Uva province.

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