Dilan Perera answers questions at UPFA convenes media briefing(WATCH IT)

The United People’s Freedom Alliance convened a media briefing on Saturday August 8. Speaking at the briefing  member of UPFA Dilan Perera expressed the following views:

”There is an issue over the manner in which the suspect was arrested. He was arrested in a white van, the same culture that they opposed to. If the CID has to come opposite the courts and forcefully take him into a van, the suspect is not a regular criminal but a dangerous one. What I said is confirmed through this. This was an issue between two criminal gangs …”

Responding to a question raised by a journalist whether the same criminal gang associate with Duminda Silva? Dilan Perera said that they don’t know if Duminda Silva had such connections.

Dilan Perera also expressed views about a dispute within the UNP,

“… There is a massive disagreement within UNP. Malik Samrawickrema is saying that he will become the next Finance Minister. Therefore, that has given cause to a conflict between Malik and Ravi. Malik Samrawickrama is now strengthening his own faction because of this …”

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