EU creating problems – these are politically motivated – Some opposition leaders supporting it – RW once again trying to betray the country

By    J.Yogaraj – Senior Journalist & Announcer ( S L B C )

Opposition leader Ranil Wickramasinghe recently made a quick visit to Europe. Un confirmed reports say that there he met some representatives of the LTTE Diaspora and sought help to win the presidential election. It is also reported RW has given many promises to the LTTE supporters, that he will merge north and east. Also he will fully implement 13th Amendment. Further he will lift the ban on LTTE and LTTE supportive organizations and many more. Although these are reports coming from foreign sources, given the past situation, we can also think that there are more possibilities a person like RW would do these things as he has done it in the past as well. We can also recollect a situation where he has gone to western countries and spoke against the motherland and deprived our GSP+ facility as well. Even an election candidate will not give this much of promises to people during the campaign. There are speculations that presidential election may be held during this year. But it is not confirmed and even the official announcement is not made yet. But it looks like RW has started his election campaign early.All remember that RW has lost about 28 elections before.Adding to these jokes, RW has presented a shadow budget before the government presents. RW says his government will grant Rs.10000/- increase to all government workers and grant Rs 2500/- to pensioners. He has put forward many other unrealistic promises. Any party or individual who is not in power can put forward any number of unrealistic promises. But the person who is in power only understands the real situation of the country. President Rajapaksa will not throw promises as he like. But he will give promises which are realistic, pruned and pragmatic in socio economic standards of the country.

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President Jaffna visit was a turning point

President’s recent visit to north has been the turning point. 3 days visit included Kilinochchi, Jaffna and islet regions. During this visit president Rajapaska has given compensation and relief assistance to the people affected by war, gave motor cycles to government officers, opened many Mahinthothaya technology laboratories, opened renovated infrastructure and finally commenced the much awaited YAL DEVI train service to Jaffna. YAL DEVI train came to Jaffna after the lapse of 24 years. This is the major victory of the people. Thus it has become the Deepavali Gift to the northern tamils. Tamils will never ever forget this. This was a great achievement within a short period since the end of hostilities in 2009.YAL DEVI  was major train service which brought highest earnings  to the department since its inception. Even now after the inauguration , YAL DEVI earned around 2 million rupees within 4 days of  inception.This train reached Colombo in 6 hours and 20 minutes. Train goes to Mount Lavinia where the tamils from Wellawatte , Dehiwela and Mount Lavinia can easily take the train from that end.President also assured the northern Tamils and pure water will be given to north from Mahaveli Ganga very soon. But Northern Provincial Council should corporate and allow the central government to do this without making any disturbance. These positive developments have changed the minds of the average tamils in the province. The opposition parties and LTTE Diaspora knowing this new development, they quickly acted and convinced the western countries to remove the BAN on LTTE in Europe countries. European Court also acted in favor of LTTE with the influence of some opposition party members in Sri Lanka. LTTE supportive elements believe that removing this ban will help the Lankan Tamils to revert their minds back to separatism. As a rationally thinking Tamil, I would say the Tamils in Sri Lanka have understood the current situation well. They have understood the ground situation and they know what the government doing and the benefits which are reaped through these development activities. Tamils will not turn back to old TNA policies as they have understood the present government’s efforts.

President also stressed once that those who want to grab the power, let then honestly work for the people and win the hearts of the people. Then the people will definitely vote for them. But on the other side, those who feel that they cannot defeat MR through normal means (election ) , try to resort to illegal activities to unseat MR. but people of this country will not allow that to happen.Ok. Answer one question. If you want to unseat MR, then whom do you try to promote for presidency? Do you have a much better candidate than MR ?

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MR suspects it is a conspiracy of opposition members to de-establish the country

President Rajapaksa alleged that the recent decisions taken by the European Union are a result of the attempts by the opposition parties to oust him. MR also accused some opposition members involved in a conspiracy to put the country into trouble waters.He accused that certain politicians are working with the pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora to unseat him at the much anticipated presidential election.

Addressing a function of the health sector workers at Temple Trees recently, the President said that a “certain political party leader” had met the representatives of the European Union recently and within two weeks after the meeting the European Union has relaxed the ban on the LTTE.

“They are working with foreign forces to oust me. They have gone and met them in Europe. They have promised to fulfill pro-LTTE diaspora demands. It has been alleged that the Opposition United National Party (UNP) leader Ranil Wickremasinghe during his recent tour to London earlier this month had met with the representatives of the pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora to get them to push the major Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance, to support him at an upcoming presidential election.

“European Union has lifted the ban on the LTTE. It happened within two weeks of certain opposition leaders having talks with the pro-LTTE diaspora, “the President added.

The European Court, on 16th October, on procedural grounds, annulled the European Council measures maintaining Sri Lanka’s defunct Tamil Tiger terrorist group, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on the European list of terrorist organizations but allowed measures to keep their assets frozen.

In addition the EU is also proposed to suspend the purchase of fish products from Sri Lanka, the President noted. He said the EU’s real intention is obvious by these actions.

The European Commission recently proposed to ban imports of fisheries products from Sri Lanka, the second biggest exporter to the bloc, due to Sri Lanka’s failure to demonstrate that it sufficiently addressed illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

“On one hand they lift the ban on the LTTE while threatening to stop our fish exports. The notice had come during the same week,” the President had said. He also said that these things happened when this opposition party stalwart was in Europe, so there are more possibilities to suspect the actions of this opposition party politician getting involved in this betrayal work.

If you want to win the election, you must win the hearts of the people. Those who find it difficult to topple the government through democratic mean, they resort to illegal activities. When you go out of the way, then you cannot expect a positive result from the masses. The bankrupt politicians always try to unseat MR through different tactics. They must understand one thing that the people of this country cannot be cheated. They are intelligent enough to understand the ground situation. The tamils of this country have understood the reality and they know whom to vote and who is doing good for this country.

With the YAL DEVI back on track, tamil people will find more comfortable to live in this country and they look forward to a better future. Tamils now feel they in safe hands , that is President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Tamils in the past never felt the same during the regimes of J R, R Premadasa or Chandrika Bandaranayake.This is the turning point. In the history, this is the first time that tamils trust and believe a Sinhala Buddhist, that is Mahinda Rajapaksa.Like before, this time Tamils will not listen to TNA and LTTE supportive elements in the forthcoming election.

You talk about clipping executive presidency now. Why did not you raise this issue during J R , R.Premadasa or Chandrika’s time.Now war is over. Why are you worries about executive presidency? Do you find any problems with executive presidency? if so, then it would have been worst during the war time , definitely not at this peace time. This is the truth. Truth always bitter to digest, but truth prevails forever.

J.Yogaraj – Senior Journalist

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