Uninterrupted supply of electricity to the Delft Islands from today.

Steps have been taken to stabilize electricity supply to the Delft Islands in Jaffna. At present only 40 percent of electricity supply is provided to these islands. President Mahinda Rajapaksa will commission the new project today which would provide 100 percent electricity supplies to the islands. Ministers Pavithra Wanniaarachchi and Douglas Devananda will also attend the function. This electricity project has been established to provide electricity supplies to 1,082 families. Accordingly, the new project will cover the Eastern, Western and Central areas of the Delft Islands. The cost of the project is 60 million rupees.

The provision of electricity to the North was started under the Uthuru Wasanthaya programme launched by the President to provide concession to the people of the North after ending terrorism. The government has spent 3,840 million rupees to provide electricity to the Northern Province. The Chunnakam grid electricity sub station was vested with the people in September last year. The government spent 1,800 million rupees for the establishment of this grid substation. This substation provides 63 megawatts of power to the Jaffna peninsula and 120,000 houses are being provided with electricity from the national grid.

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