Party Based elections differ a lot from individual based elections- These factors cannot be redefined or re visited

Party based elections nor individual based elections cannot be redefined for our convenience. Individuals differ a lot from parties. People look at the parties and individuals differently. In a party , if you do not like one personality, you may select another from the party. These are applied to party based elections. It can be a Local Government election, Provincial level election or Parliamentary election. But when talking about presidential election it is completely a different demography. Individuals play a major role in this process. They may be attached to different political parties, but the verdict will be based on the performance of that individual.

About the Common Candidate ….

Some parties say we will disclose the name of the Common Candidate today. Some say in a weeks-time. Some say in a month. What does this mean? These people are not yet decided on a common candidate. They just wanted to tell the nation that they have a common candidate, but they will not reveal it now. This is something like playing “Hanky Panky”. This is also known as a “Childs Play”. Some Say Ranil Wwill come. Some other say, CBK will come. TNA says they are thinking of a candidate. Muslim Congress says they want a parliamentary election before a presidential election. UNP says they have a secret plan to win the election. This shows the weaknesses of those parties. If party has a common candidate and if they fee that he is the strong contender for the position then the relevant party will keep quiet. They will not shout at the public. When it comes to the Tamil people , it is high time to think seriously. Rather than listening to some foolish advices and making a wrong move, it is better to think in your own and take a decision. I personally feel that the same tamils who voted for Sarath Fonseka (SF) in 2010 , this time should change their minds and make a right decision. Without voting for a winning leader , you cannot expect a permanent solution for your problem. On the other side , those who call themselves as the common candidates , they have not solved any tamil issues. They have got some part of ruling in the past, but still they have not succeeded in their endeavors. According to my calculation there are about 3 to 4 common candidates. A moderate citizen will say , how do you call yourself as a common candidate when there are 3 to 4 candidates calling themselves as common candidates.

There is no clear definition for Common Candidate. Even those are interested in this subject do not know the meaning of common candidate. Suppose if two or three candidates come forward to represent themselves as “Common Candidate” , then the meaning of common candidate will not be materialized. Any rational thinking person will not agree to this point. This will be a joke. I personally feel that Common Candidate is a Googly( ” a fool’s trap in cricket )  put forward by some parties to cover their weaknesses. But people of this country are not fools. They understand the real story. This clearly shows the power hungry parties are struggling to find a better opponent to fight against MR. But unfortunately; they could not succeed on this as of this date.  Until they find a candidate, these parties will play the “Common Candidate” game.

*** *** **

In the meantime some opposition elements are trying to create a picture that President Rajapaksa cannot contest for the 3rd Time in a presidential election. This is ridiculous. These elements know clearly that according to 18th Amendment of the constitution, it gives MR to contest for more than 2 times. It also gives the same opportunities to Chandrika Bandaranayake Kumarathunge(CBK). If you have a plan of bringing back CBK, then why not talk about CBK? In this context , I also wander why these opposition elements are more concerned about MR. If those opposition elements are ready to face the presidential election , why worrying this much. They should be ready to face anyone in the presidential. But since, they are more concerned about MR contesting for the 3rd Time, it clearly shows that they are afraid of MR, because MR will have more opportunities to muster more than 50 percent of the votes this time. The opposition do not have an answer to this. That may be one of the reasons why these opposition elements are trying to block MR. If you possess a strong opposition why are you worried about individuals who contest the elections, you better prepared for it.

Comments from senior Lawyers

Members of National Forum of Lawyers Organizations point out that President Mahinda Rajapaksa is eligible to contest the presidential election for a third term. Relevant provisions have already been granted by the 18th amendment to the constitution. However, some political parties and organizations are spreading baseless arguments on this matter. The lawyers also stressed that  the aim of these lelments is to mislead the general public. But the people of this country are intelligent enough to understand the groun situation. They know the truth.At a press briefing held in Colombo recently,  President Counsel G.P Mendis points out that by the 18th amendment it has been confirmed that a candidate is able to contest the presidential election for more than 2 terms. He says that former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva presents a baseless argument in order to gain political mileage.

President Counsel W. Dayarathne states that no person should attempt to spread false opinion in this regard. Attorney at Law Manoj Gamage says that there is no barrier for the President Mahinda Rajapaksa to contest the presidential election according to the constitution. He will be able to become the president for the 3rd term by obtaining over 50 percent of votes. Attorney at Law Athula Silva stated that people should elect president Rajapaksa for the 3rd term in order to continue the massive development move and to strengthen the democratic process in the country.

JVP will join UNP to support a common Candidate
JVP asked President Mahinda Rajapaksa to reveal whether there would be a snap election and, if so, what it would be, presidential or parliamentary. After the party convention President Rajapakse said the SLFP Party will decide whether to hold Presidential or Parliamentary elections.

However, parliamentary Group Leader Anura Kumara Dissnayake told the media at Battaramulla that JVP would go ahead with its plans to field a common presidential candidate.

Dissanayake said that the SLFP convention had been postponed from September 15 to November 15, apparently to announce the date of a premature election. “But nothing came out at the convention either on the date or which election would be held first,” Dissanayake said.

On the intended talks with the UNP Dissanayake said the JVP would not forge an alliance with the UNP but it would only support a common candidate with a view to achieving objectives such as the abolition of the executive presidency, establishment of the constitutional council, resettlement of the internally displaced people (IDPs) and the prosecution or the release of the Tamil youth taken into custody during the war against the LTTE.

Anura Kumara Dissnayake denied the news item carried out by a news paper that there have been discussions between JVP and SLFP secretaries. This was totally false he said and went on to say “We do not want everyone to agree with our politics, but even in journalism there are ethics and publishing such blatantly false news by such Institutions to realize their narrow political aims, is very wrong and our party vehemently condemn this”. JVP also want to topple this government but unfortunately, they do not have enough support in the parliament and among the people.

 MR- image 1Ranil W - image 1CBK- image 1TNA - image 1

Meanwhile UNP says Ranil W will be their presidential candidate or will be promoted to fit into common candidate position. But in recent news daily, it stated that CBK has asked RanilW to quit if selected as the presidential candidate. This also shows CBK is really trying hard to topple MR not for the country sake, but for personal reasons. The people of the county do not want to see MR going down.People may want some other changes but definitely not MR stepping down. But CBK wants to pull MR down. That mentality is well justified in many occations.But one must understand that President Rajapaksa and Chandrika Kumarathunes hail from  the same political party, that SLFP. Chandrika (CBK) ruled the country for 11 years. She had many opportunities to solve the main problem. She tried different ways but could not succeed at the end. But at each stage, MR ( Mahinda Rajapaksa then Prime Minister ) gave all the support to CBK  and never betrayed her. That was a good example. But CBK did not follow the same. She tried to pull MR down even during 2005 election. Still CBK has the same attitude, which is not a good character of a senior politician. Without pulling others , CBK can contest in the forthcoming presidential elect and show her anger or take revenge. This constitution allows CBK also to contest for the 3rd time.

TNA’s stand on presidential election

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) remains undecided on extending support to either of the two main presidential candidates. TNA is always undecided on main issues. This is not an exception.
TNA Parliamentary Group leader R. Sampanthan told a weekend paper, “We are monitoring the situation. We are yet to take a decision on the matter”. He said consultations with other political parties too were in progress.But TNA has not arrived to an agreement still. As such, TNA is popular for Disagreement than agreement. But we also understand that, TNA is divided on Presidentials election.

However, it is understood that some members of the TNA are pushing for a common Tamil candidate. These members have pointed out that supporting President Mahinda Rajapaksa or General (retd.) Sarath Fonseka will not be useful for the Tamils. They claim there is a possibility of some of the voters boycotting elections.Tamil people show their frustration towards TNA, since Tamils were forced to vote for a brutal former army commander sarath fonseka during 2010 presidential elections. Still, tamil people have not come out from that shock treatment.

They also say that a Tamil candidate could secure the votes of the displaced persons and get the Tamil voters to come out and vote. However, PLOTE leader Dharmalingam Sidharthan told his party had decided to support President Rajapaksa at the upcoming Presidential election.

He said the decision was taken as the party was satisfied with the manner in which the Government was handling the IDP issue and development activities.

Meanwhile, the SLFP will open a new party office in Jaffna very soon. Deputy Minister Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan, a vice president of the SLFP, will be in charge of the Jaffna district campaign. This will be in addition to Minister Douglas Devananda who is already working for the UPFA in the Jaffna district.


Whatever said people of this country understand the truth. People in this country including the Tamils live in a peaceful atmosphere due to the end of hostilities in 2009. Tamils can go anywhere. They can speak anything. They enjoy the real freedom and practice & see the democracy in full swing.Tamils have changed a lot. But they should show their effect of change in this crucial election. Tamils vote will definitely be a deciding factor this time, therefore it is expected that majority tamils will change their minds vote for MR. This is the story we are getting from north. But there some extremist forces are still active in changing these positive tamil minds back to square one. But we hope Tamils will take a right decision at the right time, which will be good for their future.”

Written By : J.Yogaraj – Senior Journalist ( Announcer – S L B C )

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