USD 01 billion revenue from Coconut based industries by 2020

The Ministry of Coconut Development and lanatha Estate Development has planned to implement a Strategic Development Programme to generate an income of US Dollars 01 Billion, by 2020, through coconut based industries in Sri Lanka.

Accordingly, a special plan has been compiled to propagate and expand coconut cultivation in the Northern Sri Lanka. It is envisaged to get the land adjoining the Tharmakerni Model Coconut Park, Pallai, laffna vested with the Coconut Cultivation Board in order to develop it.

This land with shrubbery and a few senile coconut palms is owned by the lanatha Estate Development Board. A part of this unproductive land, in extent of 40 acres has scattered senile coconut palms which produce a negligent yield of coconuts. The balance-extent of the land has no short or long term inter cropping, except for a few mango trees and several bushes of plantains and is in an unproductive and thoroughly neglected state, incapable of producing any worthwhile income.

The land in an extent of around 600 acres in two parts of 300 acres each is bounded on the East by A9 Road, on the West by Northern Railway Line, on the North by Tharmakerni Model Farm of the Coconut Cultivation Board and on the South by Perralei Village.

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