Election Secretariat says the UVA Provincial Council Election conducted in a peaceful manner.

The Election Secretariat says the Uva Provincial Council Election was conducted in a peaceful manner today. No major incidents were reported during the voting. Additional Commissioner of Election R M L K Ratnayaka told the National Radio that ballot boxes have already been brought to the counting centres and the counting of votes is now in progress. Counting of postal votes is also being carried out.

Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya says Uva Provincial Council Election was conducted in free and fair manner. No major incidents were reported. He also says the first result of the postal votes could be expected by midnight tonight. He believes that other results could be issued by 2.00 am tomorrow. He said it is expected to issue the district results by 6.00 am and the entire results by 8.00 am tomorrow.
The National Radio will broadcast the election results the moment they are officially released. The City FM service will have a special election transmission from 9.00 pm today.

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