The secretary to the ministry of finance points out that the country has received many economic benefits as a result of the reduction of electricity charges.

Secretary to the Ministry of Finance and secretary to the Treasury Dr. P.B. Jayasundera says that the measure taken by President Mahinda Rajapakse to reduce the electricity Bill has brought many economic benefits to the country. He points out that this paves the way to strengthen the living and the economic conditions of the people. This has also contributed to enhance the circulating strength of the currency. Taken as a whole, this measure has been of immense support to the production process and the economic situation.
Dr. Jayasundera participating in a discussion programme of the national radio this morning further said that when the President took over the affairs of the country in the year 2005, there has not been any long term investment in the power sector. This has been a severe set back to the economic and manufacturing process of the country. The President was engaged in massive investments in the electricity sector. As a result, the country has inherited a 900 megawatts coal powered power station. In addition, the government of President Mahinda Rajapakse has added a further 700 megawatts of power to the country.
The President has never used these measures as a strategic to receive votes. The President has no need to engage in such acts. Dr. Jayasundera further said that the economy of the country has not been politicized. The outcome has been the country being able to achieve a striking economic growth. The Treasury secretary responding to accusations regarding the government receiving commissions said that such charges are being leveled by those who have no proper understanding of the administrative procedures of the country. Under the present system there is no room for receiving such acts. The reason being most of the development projects are being carried out under the financial allocations of foreign countries or organizations.

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