Postal voting of the Uva Provincial Council election will commence tomorrow and the day after.

Postal voting of the Uva Provincial Council election will be held on tomorrow and day after. Deputy Election Commission M.M. Mohammad stated that other Colombo based government servants from Uva Province can cast their vote at the Election Secretariat at Rajagiriya. 30,657 applicants have been qualified for postal votes of the Uva Provincial Council election. 19,164 government servants out of … [Read more...]

Daily Updates are Coming Soon

We will be streamlining our processes and will be  bringing daily news and views soon. Stay tuned........... … [Read more...]

After Getting 15 Minutes of Fame, What is Next for Nirmala de Alwis?

She got her 15 minutes of fame by alleging that Hudson Samarasinghe killed her late husband. Now she has come up with another accusation of connecting a "Television Company Owner" to her husband's murder.Getting this much of media attention thanks to selling her husband's name and dragging other famous people into the case must be intoxicating for Nirmala de Alwis, but how is she going to keep it … [Read more...]

Nirmala de Alwis’s Fresh Accusation of a TV Company Owner on the Death of Premakeerthi

According to Daily Mirror articled dated Monday, August 18th, titled "Premakeerthi’s killers still Alive" Nirmala de Alwis has made a fresh accusation on the death of her husband. According to her interview, Nirmala is now pointing her finger at a phantom tv company owner. "There is a person who is responsible for Prems’ death. He owns a television company".Another desperate attempt by Nirmala de … [Read more...]

Trial by Media?

It is shameful that this Nirmala de Alwis's accusations have gotten this far. This can only happen in a country like Sri Lanka where there is no absolute fact checking.Accusations are Based on the Information Provided by a Gangster, an Unreliable SourceThe thug/informant that  Nirmal's  accusations are based upon has died in a bomb blast according to her. This false claim is a clear effort to … [Read more...]

Premakeerthi de Alwis – Official Court Document

The summary translation of the court documents. Judgement or Verdict The High Court of Colombo Case Number 5377/93 The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka against Saman Priyankara Gamage ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The accusation against the accused is, the murder of a popular radio announcer, … [Read more...]

Hudson Samarasinghe to Sue Nirmala De Alwis

Hudson Samarasinghe, the current Chairman of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation has started the legal proceedings against Nirmala De Alwis and several other media organizations for publishing news articles falsely implicating him as being responsible for the murder of late Mr. Premakeerthi De Alwis. Attorneys for Mr. Samarasinghe has already started the legal process to sue Nirmala De Alwis for … [Read more...]